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vista place house


The Clients for the Vista Place House purchased an existing one story cottage in the walk street district of North Venice, CA.  fAS was hired to design a new residence that would incorporate elements of the old cottage.  In order to perch 3 stories of new construction on a narrow, sloped site constrained by an existing structure and onerous parking requirements, fAS decided to use a light steel structural system (by Blue Sky Building Systems).   Leveraging the structural attributes of the system, fAS has been able to create a narrow-based, cantilevered structure that reaches out to create additional space and an internal atrium interconnecting public areas of the house and allowing for expanded use of natural lighting and air ventilation.


Vista Place House is currently under construction and will be complete by Spring 2017.


Design Director:  G. Graham Ferrier     Lead Designer:  Ryan Dayag


Client:  Little Baby Lamb, Inc.

Images by Kilograph

vista place house